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Jamaica 2015 1

Jamaica 2015 7

Jamaica 2015 18

Sea Garden Resort

seagarden 3


Jamaica 2015 17

Jamaica 2015 16

Jamica 2015 17

seagarden 4

Jamaica 2015 20


Montego Bay 3


sweet cat



Montego bay 8

Calvin and Lisa Aug 2015.

handsome calvin and lovely lisa

Jamaica 2015 14

seagarden 7


Jamaica 2015 9

jamaica 2015 3

jamaica 2015 jerked beef cabobs

jamaice 2015 pulled pork sanwich

guuud food …

itty bitty o so guuud jamaican lime

itty bitty Jamaican limes

Jamaica 2015 11

corn row braids

 Jamaica 2015 2


Jamaica 2015 19

… omg …. Willie … is that u ? … almost … smiles …

Jamaica 2015 4

one thing is 4 sure Bob’s spirit is there and always will be

Jamaica 2015 5


Mo bay Hip Strip

Montego Bay Coffee


jamaica 2015 farmers market montego bay

farmer’s market




Montego bay 6


off to da glistenin’ waters


Jamaica 2015 21

Jamaica 2015 13



… smiles …

ya maan




  1. Beautiful! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  2. hi Cat
    that was some fishing you went for 🙂
    in the tropical sun
    pics en vids tell all
    you had a great time

  3. sieht ja toll aus, liebe Cat, alles ok bei dir?
    beste Grüße

  4. Looks great!


  5. Nice recipe!
    I am going to make that soon!

  6. Ohh, da würde es mir auch gefallen.
    Hab eine schöne Zeit.

    Liebe Grüße von Mathilda ❤

  7. Wow! Nice photos! You almost took me with you through your pics 🙂 I hope you had a great time! Next time, Greece! 😉 hugs!

  8. So this is where you have been visiting ya. I have not been to Jamaica but heard there are a lot of good food there

  9. Hallo liebe Cat!
    Das sind schoene Bilder,
    wuensche ein schoenes Wochenende
    ( nice weekend)
    Ladysonnenschein (Lady Sunshine)

  10. liebe Cat, bin hier gelandet, da dein Beitrag sich nicht öffnen ließ, einen guten Start in den März wünsche ich

  11. hi Cat!! Have you been on a world tour or something? Your comment on miy blog showed the link to here so here I am. The food in Jamaica would suit my low carb eating but 1. wheelchair would be a proble, even if not, the flyin g would be, and if not, well Jamaica hates homosexuals. John has been there for work and he was given body gurds and strict instructions as to where was safe and where was not. We both hate beach holidays. We like to explore. I have to say though that your photgraphs draw me and I yearn to go to these places(NO tooo) and meet new people, whcih I love and then I recall why I can’t. Still I have been very lucky in my life to have visted evry continent, lived in most, and they are my happy childhood memories, the places and sights and sounds and smells. If not for that I’d only have the abuse to recall.

  12. Hope been keeping well ma sista, looks like it was a great holiday…

    • O Lady Jude … is that U??? Long time, no see! Love, cat.

  13. Cat I am sorry I missed this amazing pictorial delight.. what an amazing set of photo’s and journey.. Thank you dear friend xx ❤

  14. Thanks Cat

  15. Hallo Chat wünsche dir ein schönes Osterfest mit vielen lieben Grüßen Klaus in Freundschaft

  16. Great pictures, Cat! I can feel the sun.. I can hear the music.. I can taste the rum… looks like you had fun! Thank you for the smiles ; )

  17. Beautiful snaps . The sunset is so overwhelming. Even I like the bit of sea in the other picture . Thank u for sharing , Cat 😊

    Your friend , Fatma

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