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parliament building vic

parliament building vic

vic bc 2

parliament building illumninated and inner harbour

vic fixture

vic fixture

vic bc 1

jamaice 2015 pulled pork sanwich

good food


Break Water

break water railing

Break Water finally has a railing … smiles




silver sea



jamaica 2015 farmers market montego bay

fooooood  🙂

china town

china town

china town

china town

dragon alley china town

dragon alley china town

beautiful vancouver island

the island

grand mother.


sweet island cat

vic 7

vic 9

house boats

vic 8

vic 10

vic 20

friendly flower girl

vic 21

friendly grocery guy

vic 22

friendly musician guy



darren's art work

darren’s art work

vic bc 9

vic bc 6

sumtimes the States seem very close  🙂




  1. Excellent Pics, very picturesque and colourful, images of a vibrant community, love Bob the street poet, gives me ideas for myself to earn a living.
    Kind regards and Best wishes.

  2. Now you are on the West Coast up north-the place I always wanted to go. Beautiful.

  3. hi Cat
    great pics of a nice place
    with nice folks an a nice Cat or 2 🙂
    love Karel

  4. Beautiful photo’s and you are looking good dear Cat.. Brings back memories of when Hubby and I went in 2000 we went to Victoria BC and stayed in Vancouver in a whirl wind tour from coast to coast.. of 3 glorious weeks..
    Sending lots of love your way xxx Love Sue ❤

  5. I was in Vancouver for a day in 1985. One of the cleanest cities in which I have ever been.

  6. Hi Cat
    Thanks for a wonderful trip to British Columbia

  7. Easter gives hope for tomorrow,
    As after the winter comes Spring.
    Our hearts can be filled with gladness
    As hearts rejoice and sing.
    Happy Easter

  8. Nice pictures

    I hope you enjoyed your stay.


  9. hi Cat I see 2 new blogs , but if I go there , it is not found 😦

  10. So thrilling it is to view your exciting travel photos. You are a lucky girl to be able to see all of these wonderful places at leisure enjoying every moment. Great photos, great fun!!!!

  11. Das sind schöne Bilder liebe Grüße.

  12. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures..
    Loved the second one – perfect click!

  13. Hello Cat
    I wish you a wonderful new week.

  14. Hi wseet cat!
    Un bacio e buona fortuna

  15. I loved the bits of Canada I saw on the East Coast and thought Canada was a place I’d love to emigrate to though probably the West coast even though I have not been there. I drove from Maine into NB in Quebec to Quebec City then Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and then on to Niagra before crossing back into the USA. When I first crossed the borde from Maine the different in atmosphere was palpable. It felt all the tension leave me. I didn’t once feeel afraid in Canada.

  16. very cool – i would love to take a ride in that horse carriage ya know
    have a great day!!

  17. Your sweet island cat looks very much like a grown-up ZuZu (my little kitten which I’ve written a book about). Roxie D. (aka “The Other Cat”) is jealous that there is no photo of her on your blog). Canada is an awesome neighbor! And the pictures are lovely.

  18. very nice… I often miss BC! ❤

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