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just a short 13 hour hop across the ocean   🙂


parigata hotel … my home away from home 4 a while



stair way to heaven ?


parigata has an itty bitty library !!!


i donated 2 of ma own books and stole this 1 … that’s fair, isn’t it ?


ma room


house keeper Kale makin ma bed


ma deck


view from ma deck


breakfast … lemon water and all …    🙂


waiter Futu, ma handsome lemon man   🙂



lovely waitress Sinta tending to ma table


let’s go, let’s go, let’s really go


Angelo, my trusty driver …




temple workers just sittin around  🙂


the black and white means yin and yan … good and bad


bali 41


Hindu Gods Ganesh, Shiva and Rama


entering temple area




cleanin up its act is always important


i was asked to wear a sarong and so i did


i was asked to put my hair together and so i did


cuz it’s all about the roots … always respect the roots, man


i did some offerings … just in case    🙂


to this one ?


… or this one ?


or this one ?


all i wanted was a pic of banana woman sans dat guy but … ya … smiles …


unknown humongous fruit rite in ma face


papaya fruit

guess a dip into sum holy spirit waters can’t hurt …


back “home” and did sum laundry   🙂


buying stuff from Balinese woman



rice fields and stuff … and peeps makin a dollar …     🙂


watching amazing weaving woman


watching amazing batik working woman



watching amazing peeps doing precious mind boggling wood working






booger plants like heat, don’t U know …     🙂


sweet potatoe plant


caged rooster cautiously eyeballing me …



watching the most spectacular sunrise one fine morning


guys havin fun on da beach one fine morning


found Leah, a friend of a friend, on a Bali beach one fine morning   🙂


scooters and motor bikes everywhere


coffee   🙂


my coffee girl


coffee woman roasting coffee beans


roasting dem precious coffee beans under supervision of coffee woman   🙂


sweet Balinese cat   🙂


this is a feline specimen as well … it’s a Lua


and then there was shy Sly …



… anyway, U better behave cuz the volcano is always watching …


anyway, 6 packs for 200 000 Balinese rupiahs = 6 packs for Can $20 … 🙂


One million Balinese rupiahs is Can$100 dollars …  🙂


ya …

Constellations of the Southern Cross and Moscow in deep space

… PS:  i saw the Southern Cross and thought of U …


Thank you, magical island of Bali, for having me.







  1. stunning pictures of the beauty of Bali. My aunt is from Indonesia so I often saw this kind of pictures. Her son is a teacher of the Indonesian language . Love to see you are doing fine. Big hug

  2. Ganz weit weg bist du und ich danke dir sehr für die schönen Bilder.

    Alles Liebe von Mathilda ❤❤❤

  3. Wonderful pictures, it looks like you had a great time.


  4. hi Cat
    welcome home
    it is a bit flying , okay 2 bits 🙂
    one can tell by the pics and vids you had a great time
    exept for the cockfights 😦
    somewhere I read you met some Dutch , who think it is still a colony , no way
    I am happely to say

    at my blog there are a month long country’s and the second one is ofcource the B
    love , Karel

  5. Such a long trip, but well worth it, judging by the photos and the video you posted on Blogger. 🙂 Didn’t (couldn’t) watch the cockfights. How horrible to force animals to do that! 😦 You are a real globetrotter, cat. Thanks for sharing your fabulous vacation with the rest of us.

  6. I am full of pleasure from the photos. I always wanted to go since I was a child and a planned trip was vetoed for ‘security reasons’ by my dad’s superiors.

    I love the way you enjoy living, Cat. bw colin


  7. Glad you had a good time hun!!! 🙂 ❤

    Love and huge squishy hugs!!! 🙂


  8. Absolutely stunning pictures Cat, you really have shown a great side of Bali, the food, the cuisine looks fabulous, I never had a feeling of visiting Bali due to bad reports, but your trip seems to show a great place to visit, will seriously reconsider a trip in my future.
    Bit pissed off that you were that close to Australia, and didn’t even think to drop in for a Beer.
    Next time maybe.

  9. Love the Southern Cross and your pics with the Locals, you really fit in.

  10. Wow, what a beautiful place! Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.

  11. If you knew me better I would try and talk you into letting me come along. Fabulous trip!

  12. Hi, cat!

    It’s Shady. 🙂 I almost forgot to check your travel blog. i can tell that you had a great adventure in Bali, and you even took pictures of the local kitties as I requested. 🙂 While you were gone I asked my step son about Bali because he lived in Indonesia for quite some time and occasionally visited Bali. His description matched the Bali tourism video and the pictures you posted. It does my heart good to see you in these pictures and know that you were able to get away from the cold and snow of your Western Canadian winter and soak up some warmth and culture in this island paradise. Thanks for playing show and tell, dear friend cat!

  13. Nearby there is a Place you can swap books.

    Lovely pictures.


  14. beatiful pictures of a beautiful country.

  15. “This week I “traveled ” to the grocery store, the post office, the bank, the doctor and the pharmacist. I sure am glad to be home after all this traveling !

  16. möge es für uns ein guter Tag sein

  17. I must have missed this update Cat… So loved all the statues.. 🙂 and lovely to see you looking so well.. The warmth suits you
    My Daughter is off to Bali in Sept 🙂 She is looking forward to it.. 🙂
    Wishing you well my lovely friend..
    Stay well, and Enjoy your Spring when it arrives.. ❤
    Hugs Sue ❤

  18. Was it from the South Seas to the slopes or the slopes to the South Seas? Contrasts in living are the designers of perspectives.

    Well Cat I had to scroll all the way down to the bottom (Banff) to actually find a place where we both placed a footprint.

    Safe journy’s Meowmomma.


  19. wünsche eine stressfreie Woche

  20. Ugh! That’s pArAdIsE you fortunate fortunate girl. I also wanna go……

  21. Hello My Sista looks like you were having so much fun.. Miss you

    • I miss you too, Lady Jude … and will miss you for ever … where are you and how are you ??? Love, cat.

      • Hi Cat, I’m fine just come back from holiday myself went on a plane to the South Island of New Zealand caught up with the relatives and the old hometown… I can see you’ve been having fun… Hugs Jude

  22. Wow great pictures from your Bali trip Cat
    and hey you’re looking as lovely as ever, I
    think the fountain of youth is definitely your
    secret, hmm… Now where would you have
    that I wonder? 😉 Give me some… Hey not
    that, I mean a sip from your fountain, cheeky.
    I will be calling in more as I tip-toe my way
    back into WordPress 🙂 😉 (((Hugzzzzz)))

    Andro xxx

  23. oh wow – roasting coffee beans – that’s awesome – would love to roast my own coffee in the mornings – just for the smell – hmmmm… looks like you had a great time in bali
    happy monday cat!

  24. Happy 4th of July Cat
    my beautiful friend 🙂

    Andro xxx

  25. One of those irresistible locations! 🙂 🙂 One day…. maybe!

  26. Che meraviglia! !!!
    Shera 💙💚💛💜❤

  27. Auf Bali waren wir auch schon, es war himmlisch.
    Wunderschöne Aufnahmen sind das.
    LG Brigitte aus Bremen

  28. ^_^ Hi, You sure do get around. I’ve just started looking at your travel blogs. Bali is one of the few places I would like to visit in that part of the world. Having a driver is really smart! Their wood carvings are really amazing and I love the bananas lady! Great scenery photos! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  29. Liebe Cat die Zeit vergeht so schnell jetzt ist es schon 6 Wochen her wo Gislinde nicht mehr bei mir ist so langsam kehrt ruhe ein aber sie fehlt mir sehr schönes Wochenende wünsche ich dir Klaus in Freundschaft

    • Will always remember my friend Gisel, and wishing you well, friend Klaus. Love, cat.

  30. Hi Cat… Just hopping over here… My Daughter is returning from Bali as I speak.. And she had a wonderful time. Such a spiritual experience… just want you to know I am thinking about you.. Sending LOVE and HUGS my friend… and loved revisiting all of your photos here again..
    Hugs Sue xxx ❤

  31. Just thinking of you today dear sista hoping all’s good with you. Stay Well xoxo

  32. Hi dear Cat.. just stopping by to say hello.. And to let you know my daughter so enjoyed her spiritual retreat in Bali and her visit to the temples.. And just flipped through all your photos again.. Just beautiful..
    Take care of You.. LOVE Sue xxx

  33. hab einen guten Tag, Klaus

  34. Hi Cat, how are ypu? missing you and can’t find your blog anymore. Kiss

    • I’m here, friend Hil … how are you ??? Never forgotten, I promiss … am in Fort Lauderdale, Florida right now and will be cruising the Southern Caribean Islands til Dec 22, then spent X Mas with family in Lauderdale. Back in AB by Dec 27. My blog address is Son Pual and wife Leanne are travelling Noth America for a year by van. Instagram address is. @paulleanneandavan if you are interested to follow them along … they are in Savannah, Georgia right now. Happy XMas to you and your family. Lov, cat.

  35. This series of photos was like reading a book; an epic tale. And very charming too.

  36. Have a Fantastic New Year Cat, and hope you soon get acclimatised to the cold.. A shock I can imagine it to be.. Look forward to you posting some pics of your recent adventure..
    Lots of LOVE and a Very HAPPY NEW YEAR Cat.. Love, Health, Happiness, and Peace, all wished your way xxxx Love Sue xxxx 🥂💝🎈✨🥂

  37. Grossartige Aufnahmen – herzlichen Dank Cat für diesen informativen tollen Einblick in fremde Kulturen…

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